BRIGHT’s Partnership with Neighborhood Forest

by | Apr 12, 2022 | BRIGHT Culture

In celebration of Earth Day and the sense of renewal that invigorates us each spring, BRIGHT is thrilled to share an update about our partnership with Neighborhood Forest. This Minnesota-based non-profit provides thousands of trees annually for school-aged children to plant in urban communities across the United States. We are sponsoring the planting of 1,040 trees starting on Earth Day. This number of trees is significant because it is enough to offset the yearly carbon footprint of each BRIGHT employee, all while beautifying urban landscapes and adding native trees back into our environment.

As we described in our June 2021 blog post, the first two letters in our RENEW wellness program stand for responsibility and environmentalism. We’re delighted that our partnership with Neighborhood Forest reinforces these important aspects of the BRIGHT wellness culture, as we strive to take responsibility for our carbon footprint and do something good for the environment. During this time when so many things in our lives are disjointed and virtual, we’re giddy to be a part of something that can never go online: getting kids outside to dig in the ground, plant trees, and watch them grow.

Neighborhood Forest planted 18,500 trees across 35 states in 2021, and they will try to double their impact this year. We’re proud to support their ambitious goal, and we hope you will consider joining us. You can find out if a school, library, youth group, or organization in your area is a part of the Neighborhood Forest community here. If your neck of woods is looking sparse, please consider signing up to be a coordinator or donating through their GoFundMe page.

Happy Earth Day and happy spring from BRIGHT!

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