The BRIGHT Spots of 2021

by | Dec 14, 2021 | BRIGHT Culture

We’re taking time to reflect on the blog topics we shared in 2021, the experience we gained, and the inspiring work we did to help clients strategize, design, and execute successful clinical studies to meet their goals. These achievements were all made possible by the wonderful team at BRIGHT – a team we maintained and even managed to grow despite the continued challenges presented by a global pandemic. We are so grateful for the efforts put forth by our team this year and would like to thank each member for their persistence, diligence, and flexibility.

In the spirit of gratitude, this post is focused on our team and the “BRIGHT spots” they found this year. We hope you enjoy their list and are inspired to identify your own “BRIGHT spots.” And speaking of gratitude, we thank you for reading and for subscribing to our blog. We look forward to sharing even more about our team and our expertise with you in 2022.



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